viaDUCT is an installation that uses unmanipulated audio from vehicles passing over the elevated highway that encircles Sculpture Center. Homemade contact microphones were used to extend the vibrations transmitted through the tensile elements supporting the concrete structure into the exhibition space. Constant flow is the defining feature of this site. The audible pulse of the metropolis, it’s interval measured by the passage of vehicles to and from the center of the city. This entire neighborhood is a space of passage, cris-crossed by subways, bridges, tunnels, train tracks, canals and viaducts. Rather than working to eliminate the sub textual noise that permeates the site, this installation aims to raise it to the level of an intense bodily experience – a somatic glimpse of the still rather industrial post-industrial landscape surrounding Sculpture Center. If one listens closely, the sounds of workers on Dutch Kills Street and the passing of railroad cars are audible through the rumbling texture of passing traffic. A drawing translates the swells of sound into overlapping graphite planes- visible sheets of sound illuminating the proximal relationship between the exhibition space and the expanded site of the recording.