Time in Between

timeinbetweenTime in Between is a video presentation of still images and audio clips gathered during my commute from home in New York City to my job in Amherst, Massachusetts. Driving this route takes 3.5 hours and usually includes a sunrise or sunset depending on which direction I am headed. On each trip I mount a digital camera on a tripod in the passenger’s seat of my car. While in transit, the automobile becomes a viewing apparatus used to frame and photograph familiar scenes that have become a part of my personal itinerary. Accompanying each image is a short audio clip captured by the camera during the exposure.

As the still images pass by, one hears short abrupt clips of radio advertisements, news, traffic reports, music, and sometimes me singing along as I drive. A parallel, supporting narrative is developed through footage of my weekly “check opening ritual” – tightly framed images of my hands folding and tearing along the perforated lines to open the checks and reveal the compensation I receive for my labor.