Sonic Architectures

An ongoing series of live events wherein the artist and collaborators perform the post-industrial built environment using only their bodies.  The space and its structural elements are “played” by the performers similar to the way musical improvisers play instruments – with the intention of exploring the various types of sound that are possible to extract. The theoretical intention is to practice spatial and sonic improvisation as resistance and subversion of the order of architecture.  Contact microphones are strategically placed throughout the space allowing the physically resonant qualities of the space itself to be amplified.

The initial performance was made at Issue Project Room in collaboration with drummer, percussionist, and composer Jim Pugliese.  IPR has since moved, but this particular venue is an acoustically unique space as it is housed in what was formerly an oil tank. 16 microphones were fixed to the large concrete cylinder at strategic points where the interaction of the performers and the architecture were amplified and redistributed throughout the space by a sixteen channel spatialized sound system automated by MAX/MSP software. The photographs here depict the site and the 16 channel speaker system used during the performance.