Incidental Works

Since 1996 I have been collecting documentation of what I call incidental works.  These works are made in collaboration with unknown or unwitting partners.  My collaborators vary greatly; they may be people, animals or insects.  They may be machines, natural phenomena, or weather conditions that produce, knowingly or unknowingly, marks, arrangements of objects, sounds or situations that have the potential to be formally or conceptually tied to traditions of art produced by various avant-garde movements in modern and contemporary art history such as Surrealism, Conceptual Art, Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, Performance Art and Land Art.

Thousands of situations with the potential to be included in this series happen every day. Once discovered, they are re-framed by their inclusion in the context of this series with the Duchampian gesture of the artist’s decision to consider the object as art.  The images seen on these pages are selected from the ever growing archive with the intention of showing the variety of formal types included in the series.  There are Incidental drawings, paintings, sculptures, performances, installations, earth art. . . Several more specific subsets of Incidental Works like the Kunstbunker Portraits, Service Station Portraits, Bovine Collaborations, and Untitled Pairings have their own pages which elaborate on their qualities.