Four Axes, Four Tales of the Body in Space

A recording of a site-specific performance was distributed to seven collaborators from diverse backgrounds. each participant was given the same compact disc and architectural section of the stairwell in which the performance took place. they were asked to listen to the recording and respond visually to what they heard using the provided diagram.

Gallery visitors can listen to the same performance at a “listening station” while examining the responses of the seven participants. these responses can be seen as scores or maps – visual evidence of the sonic events that unfolded within the site during the performance. each score is displayed with the collaborator’s biographical information.

Collaborators include:
Ayreen Anastas, artist and architect
William Gerbracht, painter, and ceramicist
Ellen Harvey, painter, and conceptual artist
Joan Jonas, video and performance artist
Joseph Krupczynski, architect
Justin M. Spivey, structural engineer
Mark Alan Stamaty, cartoonist