Alternate Side

streetsweeper_rain rearview_sweeper

Sitting in a parked car is a familiar act – our collective consciousness is filled with thousands of references to stakeout scenes from cinema and television. The automobile is a viewing apparatus for our voyeuristic pleasure. To avoid traffic violations and abide by New York’s alternate side of the street parking regulations, I periodically have to sit, double parked, in my car and “be present” while the department of sanitation cleans the streets of my neighborhood. The images and texts that constitute Alternate Side have been entirely conceived and accumulated in those moments of “wasted time.” With this project I question our notions of wasted time, while I observe and assimilate with the macrocommunities of early morning life on the streets of New York. The primary narrative focuses on the poetry of everyday acts, the ballet of vehicles, and the non-verbal communication between myself and others occupying their vehicles. It is often interrupted by fragments of song lyrics, weather and news reports from the car radio. The photographs visually record details from my perspective and work with the text to create a digital journal of my time behind the wheel. The project has been adapted for gallery exhibitions, however it always involves some sort of  journal since that was the original format.

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