Commutes: NJ Transit Series

My work focuses on the ordering systems of everyday life. Inspired by personal observations and life experiences, my projects employ art, architecture, experimental spontaneously composed music, sound and social dynamics to render these systems temporarily visible, drawing them forth from the collective subconscious for review. When we examine the structures that govern daily life, we are confronted by the roles we play in them, as well as the influence they sustain in the construction and maintenance of our identities. By re-inhabiting/re-inventing the spaces of daily life, we experience the vital agency to re-evaluate our relationships to elusive social, cultural and institutional regimes, to each other, and to ourselves.

Because my work is conceptually driven, I work across a wide variety of media including performance, drawing, video, photography, architectural interventions, public projects, sculpture etc. As varied as these approaches may be, what remains consistent throughout is my interest in space, and particularly our experience of space. In recent years, I have turned toward a site-specific method of working with sound to re-tune the audience’s attention to the way we experience our environment with our ears rather than our eyes.

Download a PDF of Grady Gerbracht’s artist statement