Working Portrait

Grady Gerbracht’s cross-disciplinary work focuses on the ordering systems of everyday life. His projects employ art, architecture, technology, experimental spontaneously composed music, sound and social dynamics to render these systems temporarily visible. They have been published and exhibited in the US, Canada, Brazil, Asia, and across Europe and the Nordic countries.

Gerbracht has taught at top universities including the Cooper Union School of Art, Stony Brook University, and The University of Massachusetts in Amherst. He is co-founder and Creative Director of NoMoSA, the Nomadic Museum of Sonic Arts, and co-founder of Projeto Lomba Alta, an international artists’ residency in the south of Brazil. Gerbracht and his collaborators were awarded a Danish Arts Council Grant for 2006-07 and the Edital Conexão Artes Visuais Ministério da cultura/Funarte/Petrobras in 2007-08 from the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and Petrobras, to fund the Projeto Lomba Alta international artists’ residency program and publish a related book. He has curated exhibitions such as Back and Forth, Global Priority, and Civic Performance which have traveled internationally. Ongoing research includes site-specific sound and performance projects, photographs of imaginary structures and systems of graphic notation.

As a percussion-focused multi-instrumentalist, Gerbracht performs as a soloist as well as in several ensembles. He leads workshops, composes sound tracks for films, and performs with contemporary dancers and experimental video artists. Gerbracht sees architectural spaces and even the landscape as instruments to be played, not neutral spaces in which to perform. Everyday objects are often wired up as part of his custom-built electroacoustic percussion rig. He often performs with, among others, Ideosynchronic, the Re: Percussions collective, The Restrictor, viDEO sAVant, Floor Models, and Anarcho Art Lab, a loosely structured collective of interdisciplinary performers presenting monthly themed events at The Living Theater. He lives in New York with his wife and two children.

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