Global Priority


Curated by Grady Gerbracht and Susan Jahoda in 2003, the exhibition Global Priority explores how artists are responding to the currently accelerating hybridization of identities in relation to dispersed international flows of economic and cultural values. The title of the exhibition refers to one of the standard services of the U.S. Postal Service. As such, it invites audiences to think about globalization in relation to multiple, scattered identities bound up with citizenship and locality. It also suggests an interrogation of hegemonic priorities in response to global economic and cultural dispersion.

The exhibition included architecture, performance, photography, sculpture, video, and websites by an international group of individual artists and artist collaboratives.  Essays have been contributed by matt Freedman, Cecilia Galiena, Heng-Gil Han, Gordon Knox, Yahya Madra, Yates McKee, Anna Novakov, and John Peffer. These essays as well as documentation of the art works in the exhibition were published in a catalog which was also published as the July 2003 edition of the journal Rethinking Marxism (volume 15, number 3).